• History
  • Scotty encountered spirits when he was a young child - later while attending college, he saw a full-body apparition that changed his life. This life-changing moment sent him on a path of enlightenment and spiritual growth, which continues today.


    Scotty has traveled throughout the United States, speaking at conventions and giving spiritual readings. He has incorporated new and innovative techniques to help find the answers that he seeks and has mentored members of his team as well as visiting teams in spiritual techniques and tools. Scotty has been called in to assist other groups with their spiritual needs.


    Through Scotty’s abilities, he is able to hear and speak to spirits. While validating past and present experiences through spiritual readings and dowsing sessions, he is able to capture recordings and acknowledgements simultaneously. Scotty's unique ability to receive messages gives him a way of comforting and helping people understand that their loved ones watch over them. Scotty’s purpose is to help prove that there is life after death and it isn’t scary.